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Where To Find Grass Roots Marijuana

Grass Roots Marijuana offers premium products at top dispensaries in Maine. We partner with select retailers who share our passion for excellence, ensuring the highest quality and service. Find authorized retailers for exceptional cannabis experiences,  Click on any store address for directions . Discover why our products are sought-after statewide. Experience Maine's best with Grass Roots!

Grass Roots Marijuana Shop - Portland &

South Portland

grass roots logo diecut Logo

No gimmicks, just top quality products grown by people who are beyond passionate about marijuana. Plants get a lot of love around here!

seaweed logo

SeaWeed Co. is a Maine owned & operated adult-use (recreational) cannabis company with retail locations in South Portland & Portland

Firestorm Logo

We have always believed that the people of maine deserved the freedom to use cannabis as they see fit. It is our honor to provide the best cannabis products we can to the people of Maine!

kind farm logo

Hand Crafted in Maine · Be Kind, Smoke Kind · Discover · Offering a carefully, curated selection of crafted cannabis products.

HiLo Logo

Being a local family owned + operated business, we care deeply about our community and our customers. We strive to offer the best experience and only the highest quality products.

River Driver Logo

Both locations are covered in beautiful 200+ year old reclaimed barn wood and offer local flower, perfectly dosed/perfectly delicious goodies and extracts from cannabis grown by Real Maine Farmers. Much like the River Drivers of yesteryear, we strive to bring the good people of Maine only the finest trees and products!

Main-Logo-MCE-Main-Clean-Black-1024x791 (1).png

Get your cannabis in Portland Maine dispensary and feel satisfied with your choice! Maine Cannabis Exchange takes pride in providing a homegrown service!

All Kind Logo

All Kind produces locally grown, hand crafted cannabis edibles, tinctures, infusions, and flower.

Your health and happiness are our priority. We treat each patient with personalized care and make recommendations that fit individual needs. Our products provide relief, promote wellness, and enable you to be your best self.

North Country Logo

Striving to offer a unique experience filled with educational guidance, variety, and the utmost of quality for each customer. We find comfort in knowing there will be good daze ahead for everyone who walks through our door.

GreenLife Logo

Milo's first recreational dispensary!! A great stop in a beautiful part of Maine!

Bayside Bud Shack Logo

Bayside Bud Shack offers a wide range of products paired with knowledgeable staff that assure you leave with the product that best fits your needs.

Grams Logo

At Gram’s Five & Dime, we’re different because we’re familiar. We’re a community-oriented cannabis dispensary in Central Maine on a mission to be a trusted neighbor — providing natural wellness solutions for consumers of all walks of life.

Blue Sky Logo

Blue Sky is owned by a team of two, dedicated, trained friends who are local farmers passionate about providing the purest extracted products for Maine's growers and patients.

Cannabis Haven Logo

Whether you are looking for the newest strains, potent concentrates, or delicious edibles, you’ll find it here. We are on a mission to change the way you purchase Cannabis.

Hideaway Logo

At The Hideaway, we believe every cannabis experience is unique and personal. Behind the scenes, a story brings our dispensary to life—a tale of passion, dedication, and a shared vision.

silver logo.jpg

On the search for a conveniently located Maine dispensary? Be sure to plan a visit to our newest dispensary in Berwick, ME. Situated just south of our Portland dispensary, our newest location is located right on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. So, we’re located just right for those traveling from Durham, Dover, and more.

Stache Logo

Welcome to Stache! Nestled in the heart of Southern Maine, this unique cannabis store invites you to step in to a bygone era, inspired by the speak-easie’s of the Prohibition. Stache combines the nostalgia of yesteryear with the modern charm of Maine’s cannabis industry. With only the finest quality and variety of products, we strive to bring nothing but the best dispensary experience to every customer.

Full Bloom Logo

In 2011, the founder Steve began growing marijuana for his chronic pain. He started with a basement grow facility in Maine, then expanded to the backyard and became a licensed caregiver. And now, you have Full Bloom Cannabis!

45 North Logo

Our goal at 45 North Cannabis Company is to redefine what consumers expect from Cannabis shops and its users. Our desire as a company is to provide high quality products with extensive knowledge and professionalism.

Maine Only Logo

At Maine Only, we offer high quality medicinal and recreational cannabis through our dispensary location in Hollis, Maine. We'd love for you to be our best buds!

Camp Cannabis Logo

We savor spending time in the woods, waters, and mountains of Maine. With our hand-crafted cannabis products, we honor Maine heritage and values – including the beloved tradition of stepping away from the busy everyday and heading up to camp.

We hope you enjoy the serenity you cultivate when you choose Camp Cannabis!

cWorx Logo

At Cworx & Co., we strive to provide the best possible customer service, cannabis, and CBD products. Our curated inventory has passed all mandatory state testing. Stop by our shop in Turner or contact us directly to learn more.

Pauls Logo

As cultivators and purveyors of unique and high quality cannabis it is our mission to bring clean cannabis, fair prices, and specialized products to the masses. We are passionate about the properties of our vertically integrated cannabis and the benefits that it brings to our customers.

hive logo.jpg

With over a decade of cannabis experience, the founders of Hive were determined to open a brick and mortar storefront to better serve the people of Maine.  After 4 years in the medical industry, the natural next step in expanding Hive's mission was to branch out into adult use to ensure equal access to all.

humble logo.jpeg

We genuinely love our customers, and are always happy to show you around and answer questions!


Awesome family owned shop in Rockland. Find out what Maine hospitality is all about!

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