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Strain and Product Info

Below you will find info on some of our favorite strains and concentrates

Turpee Slurpee Bud

Turpee Slurpee

(GMO x Orange Zkittlez)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 22-26%


This one is a staff favorite! When we cut this girl down it has the whole building smelling like there was a diesel spill. Shes got it all, bag appeal, flavor and a great high. One of the funkiest girls we grow. Think Oranges and Diesel for the smell

Free Refills

(Apple Mac x Point Break)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 22-24%

free refills Bud

Two of our best sellers crossed into one! The bag appeal on this girl is through the roof! Leaning towards the Apple Mac on both flavor and appearance, but the Point Break brings something special to the mix by giving the high a little more clarity. I mean, just look at that picture!!!

doughnut n Cider

Doughnut n Cider

(Point Break x Sugar Cake)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 20-22%


A house cross you wont find anywhere but GRM! Anyone who's tried this will agree, shes got flavor for days! The high and flavor both lean towards the Point Break, but the Sugar Cake from the Jungle Boys brings something really special to her! Really though, I'm obsessed with it and the name does this girl justice! If you're looking for awesome flavor with an uplifting high, this is it!

Grumpy Bananas

(Banana OG x TW) x Grandpas Gun Chest

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 18-21%

Grumpy Bananas Bud

This strain is KILLER!! Don't sleep on her because the THC isn't through the roof, or you're missing out (It'll still get you high AF I promise haha)! A rare and highly sought after cut of Grandpas Gun Chest was used to make this gem. Flavor is earthy in the best way possible, that OG goodness wrapped up in some seriously gorgeous buds! When you see and smoke this buds, its no surprise, the parents used to make this strain are all A++

Malibu Oranges Bud

Malibu Oranges

(Malibu Pure Kush x Orange Zkittlez)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 21-22%


The Flavor on this one though! I'll be the first to say, these aren't the most visually appealing buds you're going to come across from us... But if we're keeping her in the stable that means shes got something big going on! The flavor on this one is unreal and just like the name suggests, its like getting slapped right in the mouth with some juicy Florida oranges.... Think Turpee Slurpee with a little lower THC number but more pronounced orange flavor!

Apple Mac

(MAC x Trophy Wife)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 23-28%

apple mac bud

A house favorite, great smooth flavor and smoke with some FROSTY dense buds. Truly one of the best MAC crosses I've seen! Shes got it all!

Monkey Punch Bud

Monkey Punch

(Rafiki x Purple Punch)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 19-23%


Where to start with this one?! The bag appeal is crazy, shes got those purple hues under some seriously frosty buds that are dense and golf ball shaped. The high is nice and heavy, feeling a bit more Indica when smoking. The flavor is going to be sweet and earthy, OG type of flavor. I absolutely love this strain and one of my favorite Purple Punch crosses I've come across, the flavor is so complex it never gets old!

Point Break

(Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife)

Type- Sativa
Avg THC - 20-23%

Point Break Bud

Maybe my all time favorite strain that we grow at GRM! Sure the buds are beautiful and the smell is great... But the flavor on this one is complex and super unique! My go to when I need to be productive with a bit of clarity, but still want to be stoned out of my mind ha. This strain is THE strain, if you were to check us out for the first time, I would defiantly recommend you get your hands on some Point Break!!

Purple Punch Bud

Purple Punch

(Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG)

Type- Indica-Hybrid
Avg THC - 19-21%


A cult classic. She got her status in the market for a reason! Crazy bag appeal with a great flavor. Some might say she got too popular and was found everywhere for a while, but you know how a smell and high can bring you back to a certain time in your life?... We won't tell the"Terp Boyz" you're not chasing the latest flavor!

Jet Zkittlez

(Jet Fuel Gelato x Zkittlez)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 24-27%

Jet Zkittles Bud

Gaining popularity quick and turning into a top seller! Zkittlez crosses are crazy, and this girl has some amazing bag appeal with a high to match! The frost over the dark purple buds is unreal!

Pineapple Cake

(Golden Pineapple x Trophy Wife)

Type- Sativa
Avg THC - 22%

Pineapple Cake Bud

This strain, with its frosty lime green and golden calix tips, really takes the cake when it comes to new and exciting strains. She's sativa dominant with a unique terpene profile.Great day time smoke that won't leave you felling foggy!

Citra Pants Bud


(Turpee Slurpee x Point Break)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 21%%


An in house cross only available from GRM! Two of two of our favorite strains had a baby, awwwww! This one has a lot of citrus notes with a nice zippy high. Leaning Turpee on the flavor and Point Break on the energetic high.

Garlic Mints

(GMO x Animal Mints Bx1)

Type- Hybrid
Avg THC - 22-26%

Garlic Mints Bud

Garlic Mints is a cross of the iconic GMO with Animal Mints Bx1. Reported to offer strong indica effects this strain is perfect for a night of relaxation brought to us by Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. A very heavy high and a great nightcap to unwind with

Ex Wife Bud


(Ghost OG x Trophy Wife)

Type- Indica-Hybrid
Avg THC - 18-23%


This one is for the OG lovers with a hint of something different for the flavor chasers

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